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My dream trip around the trip timeline

On July 1st, Toronto to Sabah, July 2rd, we're arrived in Sabah, 3 days in Sabah.
distance: 14383.73km price: 2031 Canadian dollars

On July 6th, Sabah to Chiang Mai, July 7th, we're arrived in Chiang Mai, 3 days in Chiang Mai
distance: 3453.6km price: 1604 Canadian dollars

On July 11th, Chiang Mai to Li Jiang , July 12th, we're arrived in Li Jiang, 3 days in Li Jiang
distance:1123.2km price: 395 Canadian dollars

On July 14th, Lijiang to Stockholm, July 15th, we're arrived in Stockholm, 3 days in Stockholm
distance: 8808.4km price: 1600 Canadian dollars

On July 19th, Stockholm to Reykjavik, July 19th, we're arrived in Reykjavik, 3 days in Reykjavik
distance: 2136.3km price: 320 Canadian dollars

On July 21h, Reykjavik to Prague, July 21h, we're arrived in Prague, 3 days in Prague
distance: 2670km price: 515 Canadian dollars

On July 24th, Prague to Havana, July 24th, we're arrived in Havana, 3 days in Havana
distance: 11277.2km price:1050 Canadian dollars

On July 29th,Havana to Mexico City, July 29th, we're arrived in Mexico City, 3 days in Mexico City
distance:1785.9km price: 440 Canadian dollars

On August 1st, Mexico City to Chicago, August 1st, we're arrived in Chicago, 3 days in Chicago
distance: 2715.7km price:600 Canadian dollars

On August 3rd, Chicago to Toronto.
distance: 702.9km price:174 Canadian dollars



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Mississauga, Canada

On August 3rd, Chicago Midway International Airport to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Porter Airlines PD394 19:25 August 3rd 22:00 August 3rd flight time:1h35m

distance: Chicago-- Toronto 702.9km

price: 174 Canadian dollars

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Day 1
My favorite adventure in Chicago is to Navy Pier. Navy Pier is sort of like a carnival in a city. It contains some rides, a Ferris Wheel, lots of restaurants, a Shakespeare theater, boat tours, an oddly large number of beer gardens, and even miniature golf. In Vary Pier, we enjoy the entertainment projects, but we are tired, we need relax. And then we'll relax in Grant and Millennium Park.Its located right downtown, these gigantic parks provide a great place to hang out, have a picnic or go for a run. We can also find people playing chess out here and during the summer they have a lot of free concerts. This is also where you'll find the famous"Chicago Bean" sculpture.

Day 2
Today will visit lots of museum. First, we will visit the Oriental Institute Museum. Despite its name, the collection has nothing to do with the Orient, but instead is a huge archaeological collection of objects from ancient Egypt. Still informative though. Second ,we will visit the Chicago Cultural Center. Former site of the Chicago Public Library, this lovely building is known for its exquisite Tiffany mosaics, especially in its performance venue, Preston Bradley Hall. It has changing art exhibits. Third, we'll visit the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. Its a powerful yet seldom-visited museum. It features art that was created by Vietnam war veterans and more recently, veterans from Iraq. It's a stark reminder of the overly-romanticized notion of war. The last museum is the City History Museum. This museum provides a good overview of the history of the city, especially of the Great Chicago Fire that burned down most of the city.

Day 3
The last day in Chicago, we will see Robie House, see the Cubs play and eat the famous pizza. This Frank Lloyed Wright masterpiece, completed in 1909, is a premier example of his Prairie School design. Wright helped make Chicago architecture famous and this house is one of his best-known buildings. The Cubs play, locals are fanatical about their baseball team. Get in the spirit and head out to a game. It gets really intense when the Cubs play Chicago's other team the Whites Soxs. Tomorrow we'll go back to Mississauga, so tonight we eat the famous pizza in Chicago. Chicago developed the deep dish pizza, as well as the stuffed crust pizza, and no trip is complete without trying at least one. The deep dish pizza was invented by Pizzeria Uno, which is now a national restaurant chain.

The final destination tour also represents the end of my dream trip around the world.

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Chicago, United States

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and is located on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. Best known as the"windy city"because the politicians blow hot air. Chicago is one of my favorite cities, especially in the summer. Its biggest draw today is its green space and architectural beauty, the most famous of which is Grant and Millennium Park, home to the famous Chicago Bean. More than that, we'll find world-class food, fun nightlife, lots of activities, and just a cool atmosphere. Visit in the summer when life on the lake comes alive. There's not one person I know who doesn't say" You can't get better than Chicago in the summer."

On August 1st, Mexico City International Airport to Chicago O'hare International Airport

Delta Air Lines flight: DL8159 00:49 August 1st 05:10 August 1st flight time:4h21m

distance: Mexico City--Chicago 2715.7km

price:600 Canadian dollars

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Mexico City

Day 1
Mexico city have a one of the largest city parks in the world. It's no surprise that Chapultepec is packed full of activities. Enclosed within its vast grounds are the Zoo, Atlantis(marine life park) and La Feria amusement park. Mexico City is a hotbed of historical landmarks, particularly those dating back to the Aztec period, and there is no finer example than The Great Temple. Encompassing the Templo Mayor, the Palacio Nacional and the Plaza de la Constitution--one of the largest squares in the world--the Zocalo truly is the heart of Mexico City. Situated just off the Zocalo is La Cathedral Metropolitana. This magnificent building is fortified with gold and is a fine example of Spanish colonial architecture. One of the most popular areas of the city is Zona Rosa boasts and array of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. This place is most suited to come to dinner in the evening. This is the best nightlife area in the city.

Day 2
Today we'll to visit the old town.Find within Chapultepec Park, this would class anthropology museum houses a vast collection of sculptures, jewels and artifacts from ancient Mexican civilizations. And then we will, climb the Torre Mayor. At almost 1000 feet. the Torre Mayor is the tallest building in Latin America and offers a unique way to view the skyline. The Casa de Azulejos built in 1596 for the Counts, this building is now host to walking tours, a restaurant and a courtyard. Beyond the beautiful architecture and fixtures, the tile-adorned walls, and ancient furniture, the main highlight is a mural completed in 1925 by Orozco.

Day 3
Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera are two of the biggest names in Mexican art history, so today, we will visit Frida Kahlo's house. Kahlo especially was known for her eccentric appearance, art, and lifestyle. A tour to their to their old home, the" Casa Azul" is an interesting and worthwhile experience.
Catholicism is alive and thriving throughout Mexico, especially in this city. This particular shrine is world famous, drawing thousands every year, from all over.

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