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Day 1
Summer is the season of most passengers. In Reykjavik, the first destination is Downtown. It's the nucleus of Iceland's rich culture and arts supreme. Spend some time in Reykjavik, Reykjavik is awash in thriving cafes, high-energy clubs, friendly pubs, and a brightly colored old town with rows of wooden houses clustered together. It's one of the trendiest cities in the world, as Icelanders are obsessed with design, technology, and architecture. Though it's super small, it's worth a few days to really get a feel for the art and café culture of the city. If you're a night owl, you'll love the party life here but be warned that they don't go out until about midnight! Don't be stingy about your time, because in Downtown you deserve to waste their time on you, especially in summer. The first day in Reykjavik, we just enjoy the Iceland's summer sunshine and choice a outdoor café to drink a cup of coffee, this is the meaning of travel, this is the slow life belongs only to Iceland.

Day 2
Yesterday, we enjoyed the Reykjavik's summertime. Today, we will visit the Maelifell Volcano in Mydalsjokull Glacier Park. The perfect come makes Maelifell a classic looking volcano. During a warm season snow uncovers a lavish green surface. covered with moss. There is plenty to do and see in the park, full of volcanoes, hot springs and other beautiful sites. During the winter, a lot of the roads in the park will close, so the summer season is the best time to go the volcano. Due to the volcanic activities underneath the surface, a lot of geysers, underground springs and thermal pols are scattered all around the country. To see a powerful hot stream shooting from the ground is definitely exciting.

Day 3
Today we will go whale watching. While this isn't the most budget-friendly option, it's definitely something that is pretty amazing to see. Around Iceland there are more than 20 different species of whales that frequent the waters, and you will often see dolphins and harbor porpoises on the trip as well. You can find a myriad of tours about 3 hours.

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Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and also is the world's northernmost capital. Reykjavik is not a whirlwind metropolis. Few skyscrapers grace the skyline, traffic jams are race and faces are familiar. But don't be deceived--a steady beat of energy and events keeps the city alive and pulsing with excitement. Sunny days feel like spontaneous holidays in Reykjavik. Sunbathers and picnickers fill Austurvollur, the green square in front of Parliament; locals and tourists alike stroll up and down Laugavegur, the main drag, shopping, stopping for coffee, and people watching. The thirsty jockey for sparse outdoor seating at bars as happy hour rolls around.

On July 19th,Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport

ICELANDER flight: F1305 8:00 July 19th 9:10 July 19th flight time: 3h10m

distance: Stockholm--Reykjavik 2136.3km

price: 320 Canadian dollars

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Stockholm, Sweden

Asia tour is over, next destination we will travel to Europe. European trip schedule will be adjusted. The first destination in Europe is Stockholm, because the last destination in Asia is Li Jiang, if we according to the original plan to Reykjavik, that we need to turn twice flight, it's tired for us and the air ticket is very expensive, that's why we change the plan. So the first destination in Europe is Stockholm.

If Ikea, Volvo is the only thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Sweden. So , going to Stockholm is a must to enjoy one of the most beautiful, calm and vibrant cities in Europe. Stockholm is a modern and diverse city. One of the highlights of my trip is when I visited Gamla-Stan, also known as the "Old City". This area is one of Europe's biggest and most well preserved medieval district, where Stockholm was founded in the 13th century. The architecture is simply overwhelming, with colorful buildings and narrow cobbled streets, this charming location is not one to miss. Museums churches and the famous Stockholm Cathedral, populate this historic area.

On July 14th, Lijiang Airport to Stockholm Arlanda Airport
The first voyage: Lijiang Airport to Beijing International Airport
Air China flight: CA1470 20:30 July 14th 23:55 July 14th flight time: 3h25m

The second voyage: Beijing International Airport to Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Air China flight: CA911 13:50 July 15th 17:20 July 15th flight time: 9h30m

distance: Li jiang--Beijing 2081.9km
Beijing--Stockholm 6726.5km
Total distance: 8808.4km

price: 1600 Canadian dollars

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Day 1
The first thing when we will arrive in Stockholm is partake in the Swedish tradition of fika. The Swedes drink a lot of coffee, but fika isn't just about having a cup of coffee. Fika is a time to bond with others over a cup of coffee and a sweet and is practiced daily, if not multiple times a day. One of the best places for a fika experience in Stockholm is Chokladkoppen, which is conveniently located for travelers in Gamla Stan, the Old Town of Stockholm. The perfect accompaniment to a mochaccino is a kanelbulle, a classic Swedish cinnamon bunsesoned with cardamom. Chokladkoppen serves sandwiches and hot dishes in addition to coffees and sweets.
Enjoying a brunch buffet aboard the S/S Stockholm is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. On Saturday, Stromma Kanalbolaget offers cruises through Stockholm's archipelago accompanied by a traditional Swedish smorgasbord. The cruise is three hours, departs from Strandvagen, and heads northeast through Stockholm's islands all the way to Vaxholm before returning. As the islands pass by through the window, cruisers can feast on the smorgasbord. smorgasbord began when the snaps table of snacks and snaps began the dinner. The tradition grew bigger and in 1939 went international at the New York World's Fair. Now smorgasbord is traditional in Sweden on holidays like Christmas and Easter. On the cruise it's recommended to enjoy the Swedish smorgasbord in six courses: herrings and eggs, fish and selfish, cold cut meats and salads, hot dishes, cheese
and desserts.

Day 2
Second day in Stockholm, we will visit the Vasa Museet and The Royal Palace. Vasa Museet is devoted to one thing, and one thing only, the worship Vasa. The warship Vasa was built in 1628 and sank 20 minutes into its maiden voyage. This impressive ship was commissioned by the king because Sweden was at war with three countries. The ship was covered In over 500 sculptures and painted in bright colors with the intention of striking fear into all who would see it. It's believed Vasa sank because it was too narrow and too tall. Vasa had 150 to 200 people on board for its maiden voyage, which included families of the ship builders and crew. All of the gun ports close to the waterline were open and when the ship started to sink the ship. Vasa sank in 32 meters of water with its mast still sticking out of the water and 37 passengers, both men and women, trapped inside. The Vasa was lifted out of the water in 1961 and the preservation process began and continued for 17 years before the museum opened in 1990.
The second scenic spot is The Royal Palace. The Royal Palace of Stockholm id the official residence of the King and Queen as well as workplace and historical monument. The palace is open to visitors year-round and the best way to visit the Royal Palace is to join one of the guided tours which are included in the entrance fee. In addition to touring the Royal apartments, visitors on the guided tour will learn interesting facts about Swedish history, like the fact King Charles XIV John of Sweden was originally Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, a French General who was elected to be the King of Sweden when there wasn't an heir to the throne.

Day 3
The last day in Stockholm, we will visit Stockholm's City Hall and Nordiska Museet. Why the Stockholm's City Hall is very famous? Because Stockholm's City Hall is the city business occurs and the city council meets, and also is probably even more interesting to visitors is that the City Hall of Stockholm is the location of the famous Nobel Banquet every year.
The first is the Blue Hall, which isn't blue at all, but is the location of the annual Nobel Banquet where 1300 guests gather to dine. The tour also visits the hall where the 101 city council members meet under a boat shaped ceiling painted in deep blue and orange. As some of the smaller halls of City Hall are very popular for weddings, try to avoid taking a tour on Saturdays as there will very likely be closed off.
The tour ends in the Golden Hall, completely covered in gold mosaic tiles. After the Nobel Banquet, guests ascend to the Golden Hall for dancing. The artist behind this hall is widely criticize for a number of his choices and mistakes, and your tour guide will point these out and tell the tables behind them.
In the afternoon, we will visit the Nordiska Museet. It is the largest museum of cultural history which was founded in 1873. The ground where the museum stands was broken in 1888 by the museum's founder, Artur Hazels, and the huge museum took 19 years to build and was inaugurated in 1907. While Skansen shows what life was like throughout Sweden's history by showing where and how the people lived, Nordiska Museet displays what Sweden's people had in their homes like furniture . textiles, fashion, jewelry, china and even food. One of my favorite parts of the museum was that of holiday table displays through time.

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Li Jiang

Day 1
Lugu Lake is about seven hours ride from Lijiang. It is one of the China's top inland lakes. Its two thirds are located in Sichuan Province, and a third is in the territory of Yunnan. There lived an old nation with a long history--the Mosuo Nationality. Due to this mysterious ancient nationality, Lugu Lake seems to be more mysterious magnificent. The most surprising thing was the dim light of night on the Lugu Lake. The shining stars spreader all over the sky, which we had never seen before. We are always surrounded by tall buildings forests; When we look up, we just can see all kinds of building lighting; we even forget that there are so many bright stars on the sky. How beautiful they are.

Day 2
In my trip to Lijiang, the must-see place in my Lijiang trip plan is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. A mighty snow mountain in Yunnan with unique scene"white snow scene in the bright sunny day"! Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, located in the Yulong Naxi Minority Autonomous County, is the southeast snow mountain in the Northern Hemisphere. Located on an altitude about 4000 meters, the weather of this snow mountain is always changeable. Naxi Minority says, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the dwelling place of the God. It is the final paradise for suicide couple. In the legend that the couple who could not get together in the life will choose this place for suiciding. Their souls will neither enter into the heaven or the hell. Their souls will get together in the their paradise-- the Garden of Eden. That's why Lijiang is called"the capital settled by deeply loved couple."

Day 3
One of the most popular places to visit in Yunnan Province is the old town of Lijiang. The old town was once an important stop along the ancient Tea Horse Road, and today it serves as the center of tourism. A maze of cobblestone streets, bridges and waterways, it's a great place to get lost and just wander around. Most of the buildings have been converted into hotels, restaurants,and shops, but at least the outward appearance still evokes a sense of an ancient Chinese town.
If the crowds in Lijiang become a bit too much for you, jump on a bike and cycle up to another ancient town--Shuhe. Although it's starting to look more and more like Lijiang, the crowds are much smaller here and it's just as scenic.

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