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Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a fascinating capital that beguiles its visitors with endless options. One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with 16 boroughs and more than 300 neighborhood, it might seem a bit overwhelming to the first-time visitor, though it doesn't have to be. Many of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico City are concentrated in the historic center,including the Plaza de la Constitution or Zocalo, the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor, Palace of Fine Arts and Alameda Park. A few blocks north of the Palace of Fine Arts, Plaza Garibaldi is one of the best places in Mexico City to hear live mariachi music.

On July 29th,Havana Jose Marti International Airport to Mexico City International Airport

Cubans flight:CU130 06:00 July 29th 07:45 July 29th flight time: 2h45m

distance: Havana--Mexico City 1785.9km

price: 440 Canadian dollars

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Cuba--a place that seems to spark the imagination. A place where everyone wants to go, even those that have already been. Havana is stunning and really one of the most beautiful and different places. I spend 3 days exploring Havana, it's fabulous place, and I love it! Havana is amazing.

Day 1
The first day by walking the couple of blocks to the seaside to the street called the Malecon that runs along it. The Malecon itself is a worthwhile attraction. The walk is quite stunning. It is fun to imagine what it would have look like in its heyday. The buildings lining it are big and grand, and they must have been gorgeous. Walking around Old Havana would have to top any list of things to do in Havana! This is has it's own post, so you can read more about Old Havana. Central Havana has nothing on Havana Vieja, but it is still a great place to check out. I start by heading up one of the main roads called Prado. The middle of the road has a wide leafy walkway with many trees and seats, and you can see the top of the National Capital Building at the end. I felt like I was back in Europe except for the very different vibe, the groups of kids playing games and the decaying buildings although some were resorted along this stretch. The mix of resorted and decaying buildings make it more interesting. It's quite photogenic seeing a gorgeous resorted buildings right next to a decayed falling down mess.

Day 2
Another awesome thing to do in Havana on a budget is the Revolution Museum. It is housed in the former Palacio Presidential, a rather grand place. It details the Cuban Revolution from when they first started fighting the Spanish and onto the present and what is taking place today. Outside they have the entire boat that Fidel Castro and his comrades came back to Cuba on from Mexico in 1956. This is now a shrine to the Cuban Revolution. And The National Capital Building is massive and quite awe inspiring. I still get to see a lot of beautiful rooms, huge marbled walkways and the former chambers of the Senate and Deputies. It is still worthwhile. The area around the National Capital Building was lined with buildings which were beautifully restored.
Necropolis Cristobal Colon is the most important cemetery in Cuba. It's like a mini city of granite, marble and tomb stones. It's laid out like a mini city with street signs. It is home to about a million bodies from 1868. There are many impressive tombstones.

Day 3
There's something called a coco taxi here which always made me laugh. They are a little three seater thing, driver in the front and two passengers behind. They look like a hallowed out coconut with the roof sort of combing over the top. They look hilarious and I just to catch one! It was great fun.
The old car in Cuba must be one of the things Cuba is most famous for. You just need to be on the street for this one. There're quite s few picturesque old car around, although they are not everywhere. The ones that have been well resorted and taken care are just beautiful and some of them are taxis too if you want to ride in one.

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Havana, Cuba

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is the largest city in the Caribbean, and one of the most culturally rich urban centres in the world. The city's appreciation of its glorious colonial past is on display at a dizzying array of castles, cathedrals mansions and museums.

On July 24th, Vaclav Havel Airport Prague to Havana Jose Marti International Airport

The first voyage: Vaclav Havel Airport Prague to Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport
Aeroflot flight: SU2017 01:00 July 24th 04:30 July 24th flight time:2h30m

The second voyage: Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport toHavana Jose Marti International Airport
Aeroflot flight: SU150 07:10 July 24th 12:35 July 24th fight time: 12h25m

distance:Prague--Moscow 1672.5km
Moscow--Havana 9604.7km
Total distance: 11277.2km

price:1050 Canadian dollars

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Day 1
Prague is the oldest city in Europe, it has been a political, cultural, and economic centre of cultural Europe with waxing and waning fortunes during its 1100 year existence. The famous place in Prague is Prague Castle. The castle, which lords over the city, consists of multiple sections: St.Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, The Story of Prague Castle, St.George Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower, the Powder Tower and Rosenberg Palace. You can buy a ticket to any or all of these sights from the box office. The most famous structure is St. Vitus Cathedral--this is the large building you see when you look up at the castle from outside the city walls.
Petrin Park is the city's biggest and most beautiful park, with sweeping views of Prague. You'll find a garden, a maze and a lookout tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower. Paths meander throughout, and it's a relaxing contrast to the crowds of the historic center. Keep in mind that this park is on a big hill and walking to the top can be strenuous. There is a funicular that can take you down the hill if you don't feel like making the trek. After park, head down towards Kampa, a neighborhood by the river, and visit the John Lennon Wall. Towards the end of Communism in the 1980s, students started writing John Lennon lyrics on this wall as a way to air their grievances.

Day 2
Though we got an overview of the Old Town Square during we visit Prague Castle, today we can savor the square's attractions in detail.
Hanging out in the square--The people- watching is unbeatable as tourists,families,students, and touts pass through the square. Sit on one of the benches,eat a sandwich, and enjoy the Prague's summer time! Moreover, there are a number of talented musicians-ranging from jazz musicians to Scottish bagpipe players, and everything in between--that perform in the square. Astronomical Clock--Watch the most overhyped attractions in all of Prague! While the hourly chime that people line up for is anticlimactic, the detail and artistry of the clock make it one of the most beautiful in Europe.
Explore the Jewish Quarter--The historic Jewish Quarter is one of the most popular attractions in Prague. Hitler saved it from Nazi destruction because he wanted to make the area a museum to the lost Jewish race. Now, the museums, synagogues,and historic graveyard in the area honor the history of what was one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe. Letna Park across the river from the Jewish Quarter, features several walking trails, a cafe and expansive views of the city. we'll see a lot of art students painting the cityscape. Cross over to Chotkovy sady for beautiful gardens and real views of the Prague Castle. It's quiet, with secluded paths that make for an intimate romantic stroll.

Day 3
This is the last day, we stay at Prague.we will explore Vysehrad. While Prague Castle gets all the love, Vysehrad, located in the southern part of the city, was also one of the original castles of the kings of Prague. It was built around the 10th century and contains Prague's oldest surviving building, the Rotunda of St Martin. Few tourists ever come here, so you'll get the castle and its views of Prague to yourself. It also offers good upriver views of the city. From the castle, we can take a nice walk along the river back into the center of town. There're walking and bikes paths as well as places to stop, sit, and maybe read a book. It's mostly locals around here, despite it being about 20 minutes from the city center. Back in town, be sure to check out this medieval tower, one of the original 13 city gates. Construction began in 1475 and during the 17th century, the tower used to store gunpowder. It was heavily damaged in 1757 and most of the sculptures on it were replaced in 1876. Night comes, meander its winding streets.Find random restaurants, makes and churches . Sit and watch the people go by. Prague is a stunning city.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is the equal of Paris in terms of beauty. It is the 14th largest city in the European Union. It is also the historical capital of Bohemia. Situated in the north -west of the country on the Vltava River. The city has a temperate climate, with warm summers and chilly winters. Prague has the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union.

On July 21h, Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport to Vaclav Havel Airport Prague
The first voyage: Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport to Berlin Tegal Airport
Airberlin flight: AB3547 01:00 July 21th 06:25 July 21th flight time: 3h25m

The second voyage: Berlin Tegal Airport to Vaclav Havel Airport Prague
Airberlin flight:AB8242 09:25 July 21h 10:20 July 21th flight time:55m

distance: Reykjavik--Berlin 2388.7km
Berlin--Prague 281.3km
Total distance: 2670km

price: 515 Canadian dollars

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